Equipping Leaders for Mission and Ministry (ELMM) a three-year program to encourage and lift up lay leaders in the congregations throughout the North/West Lower Michigan Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. Through ELMM, lay leaders are equipped for mission and ministry though 12 retreats and 6 skill days led by Trinity Lutheran Seminary professors and leaders in the North/West Lower Michigan Synod and full communion partners. Mentor Groups support the participants’ progress, both in learning and faith formation. The retreats and skill days provide foundational theological education, leadership development and applications in various ministry applications, and spiritual formation.

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Vision & Mission

We believe congregations thrive when lay leaders support the work of their pastors. Lay leaders are best equipped to support their pastors when they are grounded in Scripture, driven by Mission, and open to the Holy Spirit’s direction. Equipping Leaders for Mission and Ministry provides biblical instruction beyond what most receive in their own congregations, exposure to synodwide and churchwide ministries, and intimate conversations about faith.

As a community of scripturally-grounded, mission-driven, spirit-led disciples, we aim to equip leaders for mission and ministry through these guiding principles:

     - The church needs equipped leaders

     - Scripturally-grounded disciples lead with confidence

     - Mission-driven disciples energize the church

     - Spirit-led disciples encourage and empower others 

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